Connecting WordPress & Cardano

Create engaging & unique Web3 experiences with CardanoPress with no development knowledge.


Create engaged communities and unique Web3 experiences with CardanoPress. 

Our Products

Create engaged web3 communities & interactive Cardano powered websites.

CardanoPress Core

CardanoPress Core

Create NFT gated & delegation gated content, NFT minting pages & integrations with WooCommerce & much more.

CardanoPress Governance


Allow your community to propose & vote on governance proposals & help steer the direction of your project.

CardanoPress ISPO

ISPO Dashboard

Our Initial Stake Pool Offering Dashboard allow users to see their earnt rewards for delegating to various stake pools.

Why Use CardanoPress

No Code & Free

No code solution DApp builder for FREE.

Catalyst Funded

Voted for & funded by the Cardano community.


Join a community of builders developing on top of CardanoPress.

Open Source

Our code is open source to inspection & contribute.


"Incredibly useful plugin for connecting WordPress users to the Cardano network"
Craig Immel, GoKey
"Probably the easiest way to build something on Cardano. I got my project up and running in a few minutes. Highly recommend."
Nils Dannemann
"Good plugin for Cardano SPOs"
46S Cardano Stake pool

Upcoming NFT Project

Stay tuned for our upcoming NFT project created to highlight the power and flexibility of the CardanoPress ecosystem, CardanoPress Wapuu.

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