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How Our Plugins Help

We've done all the hard integration work with the Cardano blockchain and encapsulated them into our installable plugins for WordPress to shortcut the required development time & create awesome experiences.

Wallet Integration

Integrated with popular Cardano wallets including Nami and Eternl, to allow for reading wallets data, performing transactions and stake pool delegation.

Paywall Content & Access Control

Allowing access control on a website based on a wallet's stake pool delegation or access by fungible or non fungible tokens within a users wallet.

Cardano Usecases

Unique plugins such as Initial Stake Pool Offering dashboards, On-chain project Governance, whitelist NFT collection minting, purchasing & sales with ADA and much more.

Built with CardanoPress

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Need help?

We have documentation, a knowledge base & community support forum to get your started!

Community Support

Engage with other CardanoPress users in the ecosystem. Learn from each other and share your knowledge.


Knowledge Base

Access our detailed step by step documentation to help take your CardanoPress website to the next level.


Premium Support

Access professional development & support services. We'll handle the technicals to let you focus on your project.


Get Started

Are you ready to get started and building your project on WordPress and Cardano?
We are still building our the website and creating more resources. In the meantime, be sure to checkout the Github repositories, and join us on Discord.

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