CardanoPres Core Plugin Listed on the WordPress Plugin Directory

Today marks when the first stable release of the CardanoPress plugin, v1.0.0, officially gets listed in the WordPress Plugin Directory. As a part of Project Catalyst Fund 9, we proposed to create a stable release and have it listed in the WordPress Plugin Directory to create a better user experience and track installs and adoption rates of the plugin. We are proud to say that we have now successfully reached that goal.

The development and creation of the CardanoPress plugin for WordPress have been over a year of work within our team and with clients, working through the various scenarios, issues and feature requests to create a useful tool for the project builders in the Cardano community.

Anyone wanting to use CardanoPress can search for it in the WordPress admin dashboard under the Plugins section or find it in the plugin directory.

Upgrading to the Official Release

If you have manually installed CardanoPress, you can still use that version with updates as we transition from the self-managed update checker to the WordPress version.

    Take a moment to back up your website.
    Ensure you have all your files and database to restore in the case of an update failure.
  2. Log into your server and delete the CardanoPress folder from your site. You can find it by navigating your website’s root folder and going to /wp-content/plugins/. You should see a folder called “CardanoPress”. Delete this folder.
  3. In the WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to PLUGINS > ADD.
  4. Search for “CardanoPress”.
  5. Click install, and then activate if it doesn’t auto-activate.
  6. Test your installation. All your previous configuration settings should be retained, and everything should be operational.

Leave a 5 Star Rating and Review

If you have been using the CardanoPress plugin and have been getting great value out of it, please consider leaving the plugin a rating and review on the WordPress plugin directory:


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