CardanoPress Wapuu on CSwap NFTfi Marketplace

CardanoPress Wapuus Now on CSwap NFTfi Marketplace

We enjoy exploring novel ideas and concepts within the Cardano ecosystem. This commenced with the creation of our collection as a dynamic NFT, utilizing the CIP-68 NFT standard on Cardano. This standard enables us to evolve our NFT collection over time, fostering intriguing interactions with these digital assets.

The recent launch of the NFTfi marketplace by the CSwap team shows our commitment to innovation. This platform facilitates NFT trading within liquid pool markets, allowing traders to buy and sell NFTs without the need to locate another peer.

In a typical NFT marketplace, a seller would list their NFT for sale and patiently wait for a potential buyer’s interest. The process could span days or even months before the NFT is sold. Consequently, some users find themselves grappling with illiquid NFTs, unable to promptly trade or sell them for much-needed liquidity.

Instant liquidity from NFT liquidity pools empowers users to sell their assets at the prevailing market price, swiftly securing the liquidity they require. As NFTs are sold to the pool, the price decreases due to increased supply. Conversely, when users purchase NFTs from the pools, the price rises as supply diminishes. This dynamic creates arbitrage opportunities across various NFT marketplaces, given that prices fluctuate within the NFT liquidity pool.

We take pride in supporting CSwap’s innovative ideas and are pleased to be listed as a project within their NFT marketplace. CardanoPress users can now seamlessly trade their NFTs for instant liquidity or select specific NFTs from the marketplace for future campaigns.

About CSwap

CSWAP DEX has its roots in a grassroots movement and embodies community-driven passion. We firmly believe in transparent business practices and maintain an engaged product development lifecycle, with the CSWAP community integral to our team.

We are blending DEX functionality with NFTfi, powered by an advanced AMM. CSWAP DEX offers unique opportunities not found elsewhere, reflecting our innovative approach to decentralized finance that promises to delight users.

About CardanoPress

CardanoPress is the technology that harmonizes the development world of WordPress with the Cardano blockchain. With millions of websites globally running on WordPress, the integration of Cardano functionality into these sites bridges the realms of Web2 and Web3.

CardanoPress enables NFT gated content, blockchain-powered membership portals, stake pool delegation websites, and much more. The CardanoPress Wapuu NFT collection plays a role in enabling subscriptions and software upgrades for CardanoPress.

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