CardanoPress NFTs Available for Trade on Dropspot Cardano NFT Marketplace

CardanoPress Wapuu NFTs have been recognized as a verified project on the Dropspot NFT marketplace, a pioneering platform for Cardano NFT enthusiasts. You can now trade your Wapuu NFTs royalty free, which maximises your profits when trading. Start trading your Wapuus directly on Dropspot. Some of Dropspot’s standout features include the concept of “liquid offers,” […]

CardanoPress & Pangolin Protocol Partnership Announcement

CardanoPress & Pangolin Protocol Partnership

We at CardanoPress are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Pangolin Protocol, a leader in providing secure, white-glove minting services. This strategic alliance aims to empower the Cardano community, ensuring project creators and community members get the best of both worlds: unparalleled security and seamless integration.

CardanoPress Wapuus Now on CSwap NFTfi Marketplace

CardanoPress Wapuu on CSwap NFTfi Marketplace

We enjoy exploring novel ideas and concepts within the Cardano ecosystem. This commenced with the creation of our collection as a dynamic NFT, utilizing the CIP-68 NFT standard on Cardano. This standard enables us to evolve our NFT collection over time, fostering intriguing interactions with these digital assets. The recent launch of the NFTfi marketplace […]

Next Milestones for CardanoPress

CardanoPress Roadmap

CardanoPress is poised to introduce several innovative services, and foremost among them is a fully managed hosting service. We anticipate this feature will facilitate a smoother and more accessible start for many projects, providing a solid foundation for their endeavors with CardanoPress. Definitions: The Problem Since the inception of CardanoPress, we have assisted numerous projects […]

Announcing the First Two Wapuu Stake Pools

We’re happy to announce the first two Cardano single stake pools that will be a part of the whitelisting process for our NFT minting. The process has taken a little longer than anticipated due to one of our requirements is that the SPO is using the CardanoPress plugin on their website to allow for an […]

CardanoPres Core Plugin Listed on the WordPress Plugin Directory

Today marks when the first stable release of the CardanoPress plugin, v1.0.0, officially gets listed in the WordPress Plugin Directory. As a part of Project Catalyst Fund 9, we proposed to create a stable release and have it listed in the WordPress Plugin Directory to create a better user experience and track installs and adoption […]