CardanoPress NFTs Available for Trade on Dropspot Cardano NFT Marketplace

CardanoPress Wapuu NFTs have been recognized as a verified project on the Dropspot NFT marketplace, a pioneering platform for Cardano NFT enthusiasts. You can now trade your Wapuu NFTs royalty free, which maximises your profits when trading. Start trading your Wapuus directly on Dropspot. Some of Dropspot’s standout features include the concept of “liquid offers,” […]

CardanoPress Wapuu NFT Utility

We’re working with many other projects for future utility and collaborations but the core utility of the CardanoPress Wapuus is as follows. We’re also working with various NFT staking protocols to provide holders with additional rewards and utility. More announcements about these partnerships to come. Prepaid Discount CardanoPress Website Hosting One of the services that […]

Mint Date and Whitelisting!

Many have been waiting for this announcement for a long time. Sorry to keep you all waiting but there were a few things I wanted sorted before the mint of the CardanoPress Wapuus started. The official mint time and date is now set. September 28th, 9PM UTC. The collection will be officially available for mint! […]

Announcing the First Two Wapuu Stake Pools

We’re happy to announce the first two Cardano single stake pools that will be a part of the whitelisting process for our NFT minting. The process has taken a little longer than anticipated due to one of our requirements is that the SPO is using the CardanoPress plugin on their website to allow for an […]

Introducing the CardanoPress Wapuu NFT Collection and Whitelisting Process

We’re excited to introduce the CardanoPress Wapuu NFT Collection and whitelisting process. For those not familiar with Wapuu, it’s a popular open-source mascot for the WordPress content management system and we’re creating a collection of it on Cardano. The purpose of which is to highlight the depth of use cases that our plugin, CardanoPress, can […]