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Delegation page doesn't show updates

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There's really no documentation associated with this project. 

I modified the default "Delegation" page but the changes are not shown. I also tried changing the delegation page to a custom page, however the delegation features were not there. The delegation page should be editable. Also, on the delegation page with a connected wallet that is properly delegated, it still shows "Waiting for delegation." There is also a broken img source... 

Pete Pete 07/03/2023 1:59 pm
This post was modified 3 months ago by Pete

@preeb I typed out the entire response here but the editor reformatted it all.

I've written up the documentation for this here:


You can override and customise the template be changing the details found here:

This can be overridden by copying it to yourtheme/cardanopress/pool-delegation.php. updates




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