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Delegation page - edits not showing up

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I've been trying out the CardanoPress Delegation page. But I can't seem to get any blocks to show up when I publish. All that comes up are the "connect" and "delegate" buttons.

A paragrpah etc. show up on the page when I am in edit mode, but when I go to view the page they don't show up.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or is that the intended/limited function?



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got a link so we can inspect what you’ve got ?

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I unpublished it given it wasn't working quite right, but I'll publish it again soon and post. 


I also found the connect wallet button gave me a bit of odd behaviour. It seemed to log me into the WP page, and bring up the wp-admin page, which didn't seem right. Is that the intended behaviour?

Pete Pete 09/02/2023 2:17 pm
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@snic-csp pass over DM.

you know how to contact me.

As for the connect button, logging you in as an admin, if you were already logged into the site as an admin and press the connect button, it would associate that wallet address with your Wordpress admin account. Any time now that you connect with your wallet it will lock you in to Wordpress. That is intended behaviour as it will act as a single sign-on solution for all WordPress website