Access by NFT Policy (NFT Gating)

One of CardanoPress’s core features is to gate content by NFTs in a user’s wallet, also known as NFT Gating. This is a great and common use case for NFTs and gives value to new and existing NFT collections.

NFT gated content works similarly to paid membership sites, but the membership can be traded amongst peers on secondary marketplaces. This creates unique use cases for fan sites, learning management sites and much more.

Setup and configuring NFT gated content is simple and is done in a few easy steps.

Install Dependency Plugins #

CardanoPress relies on two commonly used plugins in the WordPress ecosystem to create access roles and groups to manage access to content.

If you are not using a third-party membership plugin, such as S2Member or Paid Memberships Pro, then we highly recommend using these two plugins to create roles and access groups, as they are commonly used and well-supported.

Setting Up a Role #

Please ensure that you have User Role Editor installed in your WordPress instance.

If you still need to install it, go to Plugins > Add and search for User Role Editor within your WordPress plugin management area.

Once installed, navigate to

Users > User Role Editor

User Role Editor

Within the User Role Editor screen, you can create a new role that will be used for your gated users. In most cases, you can create a new role with the same permissions as Subscribers on your website.

User Role Editor: Add Role

From the User Role Editor screen, click on ‘Add Role’. This will bring up the Add New Role window.

Set a name ID, and Display name for the role. Choose Subscriber from the Make copy of option. This will set the permissions for your new role to be the same as the Subscriber role currently on your website. Click “Add Role” to save and continue.

You have now successfully created a role.

Setting Up a User Group #

Now that you have a role, you need a group that will be assigned a role and users.

Install the User Access Manager plugin if you have not done so yet by navigating to Plugins > Add New within your WordPress dashboard and searching for the User Access Manager plugin. Install and activate the plugin.

Once installed, navigate to the plugin from your admin menu, UAM.

Create a new user group by filling in the details for

  • User group name
  • User group description
  • Read and write access as only group users
  • and choose your newly created Role affiliation

Click Add User Group to save and close.

Manage user groups

At any time, access to these groups can change. You can also create a complex matrix of groups for multiple collections or rarities in an NFT collection.

Assigning NFT Access to a User by NFT #

Now that you have roles and groups created, you can assign access to content within your site.

Setting page permissions

Navigate to a page within your site.

If you’re using the classic editor, you will see the new ACCESS panel and its settings on the right side of the screen.

Check the checkbox next to the User Group that you have created.

This now restricts this page of content to that particular user group.

Users will now need to login into the website with their wallet that has the required NFT to access this page.

Upon closing the page you’re editing, you will see the access level a piece of content has been assigned in the list view for your content type.

If you require more help, please reach out on Twitter or join the community on Discord.

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