Adding Proposals

Once you have installed and configured all of the plugins, you are ready to start creating proposals to share to your community.

If you have not yet installed the plugins or gone through the configuration, please ensure that you do.

Adding a New Governance Proposal with CardanoPress #

Following the instructions here will create your very first proposal on your website allowing users to connect their wallet to determine voting power and vote on various proposals.

Click on Proposals, Add New Proposal #

Navigate to the backend of your WordPress website and navigate to “Proposals”, “Add New Proposal”.

Add a Title, Description and Excerpt #

Next add in a “Title”, “Detail Description” and short “Excerpt” for your proposal.

The title will appear across the top of the proposal page and we recommend using it as the question that you are proposing to the community.

The description allows you to add in as much detail as possible or reference material on other websites.

The excerpt is a short description of the proposal that is seen normally on the search engines and on the proposal archive layout.

Fill in all your details and proceed.

Enter an Identifier Number & Snapshot Details #

Enter in a unique identifying number. All proposals need to have a unique identifying number.

If IDs are the same, these numbers may be confused on-chain and collated together incorrectly with other proposals with the same ID.

Snapshot date and time related to when the platform will read all registered wallets for their balances for voting and allow users to vote for the proposal. This feature helps stop users from splitting assets and moving assets to new wallets to double vote.

Choose a date in the future and an appropriate time. These times and dates are set to your instances time. Please check to see as this will vary from setup to setup.

Configure the Voting Options #

The options areas will allow you to give choices to your proposals.

Ensure that each value is unique for the proposal.

– Enter a unique value for each option.
– Enter a label which is the visible.

These will be displayed on the proposal as options for your community to choose from when voting.

We recommend keeping this simple and having less options rather than overwhelming the user to endless options.

Set the Expiration Date #

In the expiration area, set the date when you want this proposal to end.

Users will not be able to cast votes after this time and date.

Set Access Control #

If you only want a certain type of user on your website to access the proposal, set the access accordingly.

Click Publish #

Click publish to save and set your proposal live on the website.

You have now successfully created your first proposal and embarked on a journey of on-chain community governance.

If you have any questions or comments, please join our Discord server or post a question on the support forums.

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