Adding the Wallet Connect Button to Your Page Header

By default, we can’t simply inject the wallet connect buttons into your theme that you use, we can however, provide you with the short code that you require to get connected.

In this example, we have an Elementor based header with two short code widgets stacked on top of one another.

The first being a short code for a logged out state of a user and the other being a logged in state for a user.

This example can be implemented to other page builders such as Divi and WPBakery.

Connect Button Short Code #

[cardanopress_template name="part/modal-trigger" if="!isConnected"]

Example of the above short code implemented for the logged out state.

Logged In State Disconnect Button #

[cardanopress_template name="menu-dropdown" if="isConnected"]

Example of the above short code implemented.

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