Configuring CardanoPress

After installing the CardanoPress plugin, there are a few core settings that you may need to be set to be able to use its features.

Core features include:

  • Stake pool delegation
  • NFT Payment page
    • Google Recaptcha
  • Collection Builder
  • Asset Access with NFT Gating
  • Gated content by stake pool delegation

If there is a certain feature that you don’t need, then you will not be required to configure those components. For example, if you’re an NFT project interested in NFT gating, it is most likely that you will not need any of the stake pool delegation of gated content by stake pool delegation features.

Ensure that you have also allowed the WASM file to be loaded on your server to load the serialisation library to enable wallet connection.

You should add your Blockfrost API key and enable Google ReCaptcha (if needed) within the plugin and in other website areas that may need it.

If you have not yet signed up for Blockfrost, please ensure that you do as it is required for all functionality and interactions for the website.

We’ll review all the different parts of the CardanoPress configuration screen to understand its components and required fields.

Delegation Settings #

CardanoPress stake pool delegation settings

The delegation settings apply to users that want to take advantage of the delegate to a stake pool feature from CardanoPress.

It is hard to get a user to delegate to a stake pool who has never delegated to a pool before. Telling a new user to visit a stake pool explorer website such as PoolTool or ADAPools to choose a stake pool, typing in the ticker name of the pool in their wallet, and then going through the delegation process is too much for some users.

Using a delegate workflow on a website makes the process much smoother.

From the admin interface, navigate to CardanoPress. This will load the settings for the plugin.

Here you will see the settings for Delegation. Here you can add in the pool ID for either your Mainnet stake pool or your Testnet stake pool.

For example: pool1vev8z03vh7jwx3mfrgzrt9fltt97nupaxv8ffj4r5r8mgwts5ze

This is the Pool ID for ADAOZ. Paste that ID into the Mainnet setting and you’re delegation page will be connected to delegate to the stake pool ADAOZ.

Do the same for your Testnet stake pool.

Payment Page Settings #

The Payment page settings are for users and projects that want to use a designed payment page on top of their NFT minting address.

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