Configuring the Server WASM MIME Type for CardanoPress (Apache)

A few things need to be done at the server level to allow wallets to connect to the website.

The plugin uses the Cardano Wallet Serialization Library as a part of the core of its functionality. As a result, it requires a particular file WASM to be loaded on the server. By default, web servers don’t have this file type enabled, and manual enabling is required.

This tutorial will show you how to add the required WASM file type to your htaccess file on the SiteGround server to allow for the file to be loaded.

These instructions will vary from hosting type to hosting type, and we recommend using SiteGround as it has been tested for compatibility to work with CardanoPress.

How To Add the WASM MIME Type to the Server htaccess file

Total Time: 15 minutes

Log into Your Account on SiteGround #

CardanoPress Login to SiteGround

Log into your SiteGround or web hosting account.

Go To Site Tools #

Navigate to WEBSITES and the SITE TOOLS for the website you have installed CardanoPress.

Access the .htaccess file #

Navigate to SITE -> FILE MANAGER.

Open the folder of your website and navigate to public_html.

Open and access the .htaccess file.

We need to edit this file to allow for the WASM MIME type.

Adding WASM MIME Type #

Add WASM MIME type

At the top and beginning of the file, add the line

AddType application/wasm .wasm

Add this before the line #BEGIN WordPress.

This will allow the WASM file to load on your server.

Test Your Connection #

Test connection to CardanoPress wallets

Clear your cache and test the website.

If you still don’t see the CONNECT button, please get in touch with us via the forums for additional support and help with getting started.

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