Configuring the Governance Plugin

Once you have successfully installed the plugin, there is some configuration that is needed in terms of global variables and voting power options.

The plugin allows you to use a fungible token, non-fungible token or ADA as voting power within the platform. When creating a proposal, you do have the option of overriding the default voting power. This is useful if you have one particular proposal that you have partnered with another project for or if you just wish to use another policy ID as the voting power.

It is also important to note that you will be required to have already setup and configured the core CardanoPress plugin on the website with wallet connect, and your Blockfrost API key.

Follow these steps to setup your default voting power settings.

How to Configure the CardanoPress Governance Plugin for Voting Power #

Please ensure that all of the required CardanoPress Core and CardanoPress Governance settings are all configured before being able to proceed with creating proposals on your website.

Configure CardanoPress, Click CardanoPress, CardanoPress #

First ensure that CardanoPress core settings are all correct and if you intend to use a FT or NFT as voting power, ensure that the asset is already setup in the global configuration.

Set Your Policy IDs #

In the Policy ID section on the website, set the details of the NFT or FT that you will be using on the website.

You may setup multiple different Policy IDs at this point. Please be aware that adding more will increase the amount of API calls used on the website and

If you are not using a custom NFT or FT, you can skip this part and leave the details blank. It would mean you will be using ADA as voting power.

Click Save to continue #

In the top right area of the screen, click “Save Changes” to continue.

Configure the Global Settings for CardanoPress Governance #

This will load the global configuration settings for the CardanoPress Governance plugin.

Set the global messages for your Governance page #

Set the title and the description of your Governance portal. These will appear on the proposal post archive layout where you will initial visit before browsing all of the other proposals.

Add an appropriate “Title” and “Content”.

Define Global Config Settings #

Here we can define a few more settings and variables.

Discussion Link: If you are using a discussion forum, Discord server or other external area to manage discussion of proposals before they are put up for vote, it is useful to link to them for users to read the background information. This can be any hyperlink such as a link to another website or a Discord server link.

Policy ID: This is required is you are wanting to use a fungible or non fungible token as voting power for your proposal. This select drop down will comprise of the Policy IDs that you had setup in previous steps.

Power Calculation: If you simply wish to use ADA wallet balance, choose “Amount of ADA” otherwise choose “# of tokens by Policy ID” which will assign voting power to the amount of tokens or NFTs that user holds.

Set all the variables and settings you require for your project.

Save and done #

Click on “Save Changes” and you are done configuring CardanoPress Core and CardanoPress Governance.

If you have any questions or need anything clarified, please reach out on Discord or leave a comment on the forums.

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