How to Update CardanoPress Plugins

Before updating any of the plugins, it is a good idea to perform a complete backup of your website to be able to restore the website to a point before it was upgraded.

We highly recommend that this is put in place as common practice for anyone that isn’t working in a development environment before working in a production environment.

How to Update CardanoPress Plugins

Log in to the Admin area #

Using your username and password, log into the admin area as an administrator of the website.

Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins #

Navigate to the plugin administration area of the website by clicking on Plugins from the side menu, and then Installed Plugins.

This will give you a list of all the installed plugins on the website.

Click Update Now #

If there is an update available for a plugin, there will be a large alert bar under the plugin description alerting you of an update.

Click Update Now will start the update process for that plugin.

*** Please ensure that you back up your website before initiating plugin updates in case something fails ***

Bonus: Enable Auto Updates #

Next to each plugin in the plugin admin screen, you can enable Auto Updates for each plugin. We usually disable these for the CardanoPress suite of plugins as they are still in early development and may have breaking changes.

Please test before updating to ensure you’re launching clean updates. In saying that, we haven’t had an issue with any updates.

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