Installing CardanoPress

This guide will take you through the requirements and steps for installing CardanoPress manually through your server or via the WordPress admin interface.

Hosting Requirements #

Please be aware that CardanoPress can only be installed on self-hosted WordPress instances. If you have subscribed to hosting with, you may not be able to use CardanoPress. One of the requirements is to enable the WASM file type on the servers which the wallet libraries use to build transactions. We have full documentation on enabling the WASM file type on Apache and Nginx servers. 

There are multiple ways to install the CardanoPress plugin. Please follow the option that is best for your setup. In most cases, installing directly from the WordPress admin interface will be used.

Theme Requirements #

CardanoPress currently doesn’t support Gutenberg Block themes by default or themes that have removed wp_open_body tag within WordPress themes. Additional work is required to add in the required shortcodes on the page templates to allow the CardanoPress code to work.

If you’re website doesn’t render the connect buttons on your website after successful installation, please try swapping themes or using the default CardanoPress Bootstrap Theme as a starting point.

Install CardanoPress Directly from the WordPress Admin Dashboard #

Navigate to the admin area of your website and click on Plugins > Add New

From the keyword search field, search for “CardanoPress”. This will display all of the current plugins that we have released.

Click on Install Now for the CardanoPress – Cardano Blockchain Integration for WordPress plugin to begin the installation. Sometimes, you will also need to press ACTIVATE after completing the installation.

At this point, the installation of the core CardanoPress plugin is complete, and you are now ready to configure the wallet connector to work on your site and server. Please follow the instructions for enabling the WASM mime type for Apache and Nginx servers.

Installing CardanoPress Manually from Github #

Navigate to the GitHub repository for the CardanoPress core plugin and navigate to the latest release at:

Download the Source code as a zip file.

This will allow you to save it to a directory on your computer.

CardanoPress installing a plugin

Next, log in to the admin area of your WordPress website and navigate to Plugins.

  • Choose Add New
  • At the top of the screen, choose Upload Plugin.

Select the CardanoPress plugin from where you have saved it on your desktop and upload it to the website.

  • Click Install Now

This will upload the file to your server and install the required files.

On the installation status screen, click ACTIVATE to finalise the installation process.

You have now successfully manually installed the CardanoPress plugin.

You will now need to enable the WASM mime type on your server to get the wallet connector working. Please follow the instructions for enabling the WASM mime type for Apache and Nginx servers.

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