Installing the Governance Plugin

Before installing the Governance plugin, ensure that you have the CardanoPress core plugin installed.

The Governance plugin relies on the Core plugin for all of the API and configuration to communicate with the Cardano blockchain.

How to Install the CardanoPress Governance Plugin #

Navigate to the backend admin area of your WordPress website to start.

Click on Installed Plugins #

From your side menu, under “Plugins” choose “Installed Plugins”.

Please check to ensure that you have the CardanoPress plugin installed at this point.

Click on Add New #

Click on “Add New” to be able to search and add the Governance plugin.

From the search, search for “CardanoPress”. #

This will display all of our plugins on the WordPress directory.

Click on Install Now & Activate #

Click on the “Install Now” button to start the installation. Once that is complete, press “Activate” to enable the plugin on the website.

At this point you have now successfully installed the plugin and can continue on to configuring it for your website.

If you have any issues in the process, please reach out via Discord or leave a comment on the support forums to get an answer.

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