Understanding Snapshot Power

“Snapshot power” helps prevent people from unfairly voting more than once by shifting their assets between different wallets. Think of a snapshot as a photo of the blockchain at a particular moment. This photo shows what assets each voter has, ensuring they can’t vote multiple times using the same assets.

Here’s a simple breakdown of how snapshots are used to make sure votes are fair:

  1. Choose a future date for the proposal.
  2. Before this date, users must link their wallets to the website.
  3. On the chosen date, the website needs a trigger (called WPCron) to start scanning. If the website isn’t visited, WPCron won’t work. In that case, using an external Cron is a good backup.
  4. Once scanned, the voting power from the snapshot is saved.
  5. After the snapshot, users can cast their vote up to the proposal’s end date.

It is important to test your snapshot settings and configuration on your website before allowing your users to vote on real proposals. Testing with your community ensures that you as an admin understands how the process works, and educates the users in your community on how and what to expect with snapshots and voting.

If you find that snapshots are not recording, the Cron may not be working. Check that the time and date is correct for what you’re expecting and that an external Cron is set.

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