Introducing the CardanoPress Wapuu NFT Collection and Whitelisting Process

We’re excited to introduce the CardanoPress Wapuu NFT Collection and whitelisting process. For those not familiar with Wapuu, it’s a popular open-source mascot for the WordPress content management system and we’re creating a collection of it on Cardano. The purpose of which is to highlight the depth of use cases that our plugin, CardanoPress, can deliver for NFT projects, Stake Pool Operators or anyone that is building and creating and wants to connect to the Cardano blockchain and ecosystem.

The collection will consist of 10,000 uniquely generated Wapuu NFTs, each with its own distinct set of attributes, rarity levels and use cases within the CardanoPress and Learn Cardano platforms. We’ve teamed up with a very experienced NFT artist in the Cardano ecosystem to deliver the collection.

Stake Pool Operator Whitelisting

One of the core features of the CardanoPress plugin is being able to delegate to various stake pools in the Cardano ecosystem as well as create an environment for Initial Stake Pool Offerings or ISPOs. We will be using these very features in the whitelisting process.

We will select 10 stake pools randomly to be the Wapuu Stake Pools. Any stake pool operator that is interested in becoming one of the whitelisting stake pools can apply to be a part of the process.

The requirements for the pool are as follows.

  • Is using CardanoPress Stake Pool features to allow users to delegate to their stake pool
  • Single-pool operator
  • Pool size between 15k-6m ADA
  • Fixed cost: 340 ADA
  • Minimum Pledge: 15k
  • Margin: less than 5%
  • Minimum of 1 block produced

Applications will close at 12:00 UTC on Feb 17th, 2023

Delegates will be required to stake their ADA to the designated stake pools in the process for at least 5 epochs to be eligible to mint the NFT. We will have more information about the delegation requirements at a later date.

Please use our Google Form to submit your application

Benefits for the Stake Pool Operators

  1. Create an easier delegation experience on their website
  2. Interviews with the whitelisting SPOs
  3. Participate in online events and treasure hunts with delegates.

We want to showcase how easy to use and powerful CardanoPress is. Using the delegation feature from the plugin will create a better delegation process for new users that have not delegated before or have a limited understanding of all the pool metrics that many pool explorer sites have.

We will be interviewing the various operators to learn more about their stake pools, their missions and how they contribute to the Cardano ecosystem.

As part of the process, there will be a thrilling treasure hunt held within our SPO websites and CardanoPress! As delegates search for clues to solve a mystery built around their corresponding sites.

The operators of our stake pools are the foundation of Cardano’s network, backed by their experience and expertise as SPOs. It takes more than technical savvy to become a successful SPO; it also requires marketing prowess to draw delegators and spark interest in their stake pool. By combining technical knowledge with communication skills, you can achieve success as a stake pool operator.

Our whitelisting process is designed to bring attention to hard-working stake pool operators, decentralize the Cardano network, and facilitate ADA delegation from different sectors – all while providing generous rewards for our delegates. All participants will obtain a better comprehension of what CardanoPress can do for their websites; it might even spark new ideas and integrations that could expand into an entire ecosystem around the platform.

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