Mint Date and Whitelisting!

CardanoPress Wapuu

Many have been waiting for this announcement for a long time. Sorry to keep you all waiting but there were a few things I wanted sorted before the mint of the CardanoPress Wapuus started.

The official mint time and date is now set.

September 28th, 9PM UTC.

The collection will be officially available for mint!

Mint price will be set to $50 USD with whitelist mint price set at $40 USD.

Delegate to Whitelist

We want to support small stake pool operators in the Cardano ecosystem and we believe that a delegate to whitelist process may be a nice way to be able to achieve this.

You will be able to whitelist for the mint by delegating a wallet to our partner stake pools! All of these pools have setup websites and delegation pages using CardanoPress! (Thanks for the support).

The tickers of the supporting pools can be found below:

  • 462
  • OZZY
  • GNP1

Our delegation page will be published soon. You will be able to visit, engage with the stake pool operators and delegate to their stake pools.

Active Delegation Period

Epoch 433 (28th Aug 21:45 UTC) to Epoch 439 (27th Sept 21:45 UTC)

Each active delegation that is valid will allow for one mint.

Requirements for Whitelist

  • You will need 500 ADA in your wallet.
  • Have active stake delegate to one of the pools for at least 2 epochs.
  • Each confirmed epoch will allow you to mint 1 NFT.
  • Confirming Your Whitelist via our website.

Minting Partner

Saturn NFT will be our minting partner for the Wapuus. We have chosen Saturn for two main reasons.

The first is to be able to take advantage of the dynamic NFTs and the CIP-68 NFT standard. As the collection evolves over time, we want to take advantage of being able to update the NFTs based on actions you take with the NFT. Dynamic NFTs are certainly the way to do this.

The second reason is that we believe not only do stake pool delegation needs to be decentralised but also infrastructure and services that are building on Cardano. There are fantastic minting services on Cardano and we want to support as many as possible to help grow and keep the ecosystem healthy.

You can find out more about Saturn NFT in this recent interview on the Learn Cardano Postcast.

Interview with Nick from Saturn NFT

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