CardanoPress Roadmap

Next Milestones for CardanoPress

CardanoPress is poised to introduce several innovative services, and foremost among them is a fully managed hosting service. We anticipate this feature will facilitate a smoother and more accessible start for many projects, providing a solid foundation for their endeavors with CardanoPress.


  • Burning: The act of locking an NFT into a wallet address, rendering it permanently unusable.
  • Holding: Retaining a token or NFT in your wallet.
  • Elementor: A widely-utilized, drag-and-drop website builder for WordPress.
  • WASM: Web Assembly file, a specialized file language essential for interacting with client side applications.
  • Wapuu: The charming mascot character for WordPress.

The Problem

Since the inception of CardanoPress, we have assisted numerous projects in initiating and building their websites, thereby gaining insights into issues, support request patterns, and areas necessitating simplification for user connectivity.

The primary barriers identified are:

  • Hosting incompatibility
  • Setup and configuration difficulties related to the WASM file type for the Wallet connector
  • Requirements for tools and plugins to facilitate builds
  • Deficiencies in design skills and WordPress knowledge

The Solutions

To alleviate these issues, we plan to launch several products and services.

Managed Hosting

Users committed to utilizing CardanoPress can subscribe to a managed hosting plan and essentially become a maintained client, curated by the CardanoPress team. This plan offers a streamlined process for setting up a CardanoPress installation with all necessities bundled into one step and a monthly fee. No long-term contract is required—simply subscribe and begin.

PRO Managed Hosting Plans Include

  • Fully configured CardanoPress website with a BlockFrost API account
  • Installation of starter CardanoPress themes
  • Page builder for drag and drop building
  • Regular security updates
  • Daily cloud backups
  • One basic level change request and support per month.

Basic Plans commence at $49 USD per month. Pro Plans, inclusive of all licensed plugins and themes, are available at $69 USD per month. Payments will be facilitated through our payment processor, Stripe.

Details on availing discounts through burning your CardanoPress Wapuu will follow soon.

Pre-Made Starter Themes & Templates

Integrated within our hosting packages, these themes will aid users in initializing their CardanoPress websites, targeting different users such as Stake Pool Operators, Bloggers, Starter DAO & Governance, and NFT projects. Two variations will be available: Elementor-based and a pure WordPress theme with customizer.

CardanoPress Wapuu holders will have unrestricted access to these themes, whereas other users can opt for a 6-month subscription.

The Marketplace

To foster community creativity, a theme/template marketplace will be introduced, allowing creators to list and sell their starter themes to prospective CardanoPress users. Creators will be required to hold a Wapuu in order to list their theme files and earn revenue from the sales on the website.

Agency Services

Given the growing demand for professional CardanoPress implementation services, we are initiating processes to onboard new clients effectively, providing them with expert consultation sessions. The CardanoPress team will provide full end to end services from design, development and consultation.

Jobs Board & Freelancer Ecosystem

A dedicated platform will be established, connecting service providers with projects in need of design and development services. This will allow and foster the growth of the CardanoPress ecosystem. With many skilled designers and developers already showcasing their expertise, its a perfect time to create a marketplace to help foster and grow businesses around it.


In our pursuit to bring the next million users to Cardano, our focus is on lowering technical barriers and enabling effortless development on Cardano. We envision CardanoPress evolving as a pivotal tool for builders to create innovative experiences on Cardano, and this is just the beginning.

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