CardanoPress Core

The easiest way to build web3 experiences and integrating the Cardano blockchain with the highly popular content management system, WordPress.

Take advantage of NFT gated content, blockchain enabled memberships websites, single-sign on with wallets and endless integrations with existing WordPress plugins.

NFT gated website

NFT Gated Content

Create a unique Web3 experience by gating content behind a pay wall only accessible to users that have certain NFTs.

Delegation Gated Content

Restrict content on your website based on delegation to a stake pool. Create unique content experience for your stake pool delegates based on how long they have delegated to your pool.

Delegation Gated Websites

NFT E-commerce

Create unique e-commerce experiences based on an NFT a user may be holding in their wallet. Allow users to purchase unique merchandise from your WooCommerce powered web store if the user has a certain NFT rarity.

Custom Whitelist Minting Pages

Create unique and branded minting pages that can work with almost all minting services on Cardano including NMKR, Peppermint and Anvil. Take it a step further and make it only possible if a user has a certain token in their wallet!

Integrate with WordPress Plugins

Tie CardanoPress into the existing WordPress plugins such as LearnDash for online Courses, Paid Memberships Pro for membership prices, WooCommerce for online shopping experience and much more!

Supports Mulitple Wallets

CardanoPress supports the CIP-30 wallet connector standard, which means we support almost all the wallets built in the Cardano ecosystem.

Single Sign-on Using Wallet Login

Remove the need for username and passwords from your website and allow users to identify themselves on your website via their unique wallet stake key. Cardano wallets are the new single sign-on solution.


Yes you certainly can. Our websites are built with Elementor and we ensured that shortcodes are enabled within our code to make it as easy as possible for any one to start building with CardanoPress. 

We recommend these page builders:

  • Elementor
  • Divi

Yes we have a lot of documentation and video tutorials to help get you started.

Check out our documentation which is constantly being added to and the CardanoPress playlist from Learn Cardano.

We have multiple areas where you can get support.

  1. The forums
  2. Discord

We’re also know to provide support over Twitter.

Yes, the CardanoPress team can provide professional services around designing and implementing the solution you require.

Contact the team and we’ll see what we can do for you and your project.

Ready to Get Started?

Log into your WordPress website, go to Add Plugins.

Search for CardanoPress Core, install and activate the plugin.

Check out our starter guide to help you get started!