Blockchain and Crypto projects are all about the community and giving that community a voice and influence in a project is key to growing a project.

CardanoPress Governance gives you the ability to run on-chain voting within your own website.

NFT gated website

For the Holders

Whether its a NFT project or a token based project, CardanoPress Governance allows users to obtain voting power based on those tokens to be able to cast votes and help steer the direction of your project.

Voting Power

Voting power can be set to one wallet one vote or based on the amount of tokens or NFTs held in the wallet of a user. You can decide for each proposal.

Delegation Gated Websites

Easy to Manage

We’ve setup an easy to use interface within your WordPress site to create new proposals, manage existing and archive existing ones

On-chain Voting

The best thing about blockchain based voting is the ability to verify the votes on-chain. We have a transparent process that can be validated by any user that can view the on-chain data via an explorer. Users submit transactions to themselves with a unique identifying amount of lovelaces to help identify the proposal and choice they have voted for.

Manage Discussions

Tie in your proposals with community discussions via Discord, X or an online forum.

Supports Mulitple Wallets

CardanoPress supports the CIP-30 wallet connector standard, which means we support almost all the wallets built in the Cardano ecosystem.


You most certainly can but we do recommend using the pre-made templates that we have created for CardanoPress Governance. The layouts are based on other Governance portals created in the Web3 space.

Yes, this is important for any tool created for the community.

Check out our documentation which is constantly being added to and the CardanoPress playlist from Learn Cardano.

We have multiple areas where you can get support.

  1. The forums
  2. Discord

We’re also know to provide support over Twitter.

Yes, the CardanoPress team can provide professional services around designing and implementing the solution you require.

Contact the team and we’ll see what we can do for you and your project.

Ready to Get Started?

Log into your WordPress website, go to Add Plugins.

Search for “CardanoPress Governance”, install and activate the plugin.

Check out our starter guide to help you get started!