10,000 Uniquely Generated Wapuu NFTs

Up to 10,000 Uniquely generated CardanoPress Wapuu, generated from hand drawn assets.

Cardano Wapuu NFT
Cardano ADA Wapuu NFT
CardanoPress Wapuu
CardanoPress NFT

What's a Wapuu?

This cute little Japanese monster had its start in 2009 at the WordCamp Tokyo after-party. Matt Mullenweg, creator of WordPress, asked Japanese users for ideas to promote WordPress in Japan. One suggestion was to make a mascot in Japan for WordPress.

We’ve evolved the cute little Wapuu and turned it into a robotic fighting beast. Ready to bring WordPress into the Web3 space and Cardano.

Cardano NFT
CardanoPress NFT


Uniquely designed by experienced NFT designer, who has also designed AquaFarmers NFT & Whiskees NFT.

Over 72 unique assets across 7 different layers. Including:

– 14 different coin layers
– 10 different body variations
– 6 base colour variations
– Various weapons & armour levels

Dynamic Upgrades

We’re making dynamic NFTs that can evolved based on events and actions. Collect the base Wapuus and scrap them to create rarer and epic Wapuu using the CIP-68 standards.

Wapuu NFT
CardanoPress Wapuu NFT

Utility, Unlock Access & Airdrops

Holders get membership status on various websites unlocking exclusive content.

  • CardanoPress managed hosting subscription
  • CardanoPress Pro plugin subscriptions
  • Access 1 on 1 support & consultation
  • Access to Learn Cardano Course rewards treasury tokens
  • Claimable tokens from ecosystem partners for holders
  • Learn Cardano interview booking form
  • Governance power for voting on proposals

Holders also get artist collaboration airdrops from other creators in the NFT space.

We have a blog post detailing all of the CardanoPress Wapuu utilities.

Battle Yard

Use your Wapuu to fight in battles with other Wapuus for scrap metal.
Scrap can be used to upgrade your Wapuu.

Cardano ADA Wapuu NFT
Cardano Wapuu NFT


Get access to print your Wapuu as a T-shirt, sticker or other merchandise.

Wapuu NFT

It's Time to Mint

Public mint is now open but at whitelist pricing. 163 ADA ($40 USD) to allow all those that did whitelist but had issues.

All minting is done via Saturn Pay.

Policy ID, view on CardanoScan.

View secondary market listings at JPG.store.

Latest News

News and updates from the Wapuu NFT team.

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