Announcing the First Two Wapuu Stake Pools

We’re happy to announce the first two Cardano single stake pools that will be a part of the whitelisting process for our NFT minting.

The process has taken a little longer than anticipated due to one of our requirements is that the SPO is using the CardanoPress plugin on their website to allow for an easy delegation process. As almost all the SPOs that made an application didn’t have the plugin installed or configured, it was a process to work with the various interested SPOs, to get their websites set up and working.

We had to adjust our requirements and filtering process, work with SPOs to get the plugin working and ensure they have set in place proper security measures across the website. We have reached out to many SPOs that had applied with many more in the next few weeks to check that everything is in place.

Our first SPO is 46S, one of the first SPOs to reach out, apply and integrate the CardanoPress delegation features into their website. The Second is StaykPool. Reaching out to Bas and the team at Stayk, we managed to get the plugin up and running on their website within the day allowing delegates to stake their ADA to their pool within a few clicks from their website.

From a marketing point of view, we believe that it is best to drive potential delegates through a delegation funnel that is controlled by the operator in a controlled and branded experience. The majority of delegation experiences either happen on their party website or wallets where excess data becomes confusing for most new users. Having a clean delegation experience helps reduce confusion and streamlines the delegation process.

More details about the other stake pools and the start of the delegation process will come soon. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time for delegation.

About 46S

46 South stake pool is the world’s southernmost Cardano stake pool. We operate on 100% renewable energy in the far south of New Zealand. We are committed to helping get Cardano to become climate neutral and we are part of the Climate Neutral Cardano (CNC) alliance. The CNC alliance are busy funding a permaculture and reforestation project in Madagascar via our Impact Staking ISPO.

You can find out more about 46 South at:

About STAYK Pool

STAYK Pool is dedicated to helping express the importance of a healthy decentralized and distributed ecosystem, by conducting interviews, focusing on people, projects and ideas that further the common cause of Cardano. Our STAYK Coins have been an effort to foster more delegation to smaller pools, and help push power to the edges!

In Addition, we are a proud member of the F2LB Community, the Single Pool Alliance and the Bare Metal alliance to keep the network stable, reliable and decentralized.

You can find out more about Stayk Pool at:

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